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Swiss Disability Research

About the SDR

The Swiss Disability Research centre (SDR) is a research and exchange platform focusing on people with impairments and chronic diseases, and provides a platform for dialogue between science and practice.

What do we do?

SDR conducts studies and research projects with and for people with disabilities. It collaborates with other organizations for people with impairments and chronic diseases, organizes conferences, facilitates awareness-raising workshops, and participates in education and training.

What are the SDR's key areas of focus?

  • digital and structural accessibility
  • legal, ethical and social aspects of impairment
  • medical topics

Who can participate?

Our network welcomes all people who are concerned with the topic of impairment and accessibility. Please get in touch with us!


The organizational structure consists of the team, the advisory board and the network community.

The SDR Team

Our team moderates the network and leads activities. We offer services and support in the realization of the projects and provide services. The team works closely with SDR's management.

The SDR advisory board

The advisory board meets twice a year, discusses new ideas, and provides strategic leadership.  

Benefits of membership

Members of our network are kept up to date on the SDR's activities and progress, and have the opportunity to contribute to projects at any time.

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Weiterführende Informationen

Do you want to join the SDR? Get in contact!

If you are working on the topic of disability and want to join our network, please do not hesitate to contact us via email

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