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Swiss Disability Research

  • Lift im Nebengebäude Schild

    Videos to understand the everyday barriers in higher education

  • Guidelines for accessible teaching and research at universities

    Guidelines for accessible teaching and research at universities

  • BeMyHelp App

    BeMyHelp an App to find and offer assistance

A network to identify and remove barriers for people with disabilities.

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What is the Swiss Disability Research centre?

Swiss Disability Research (SDR) is an exchange platform for research on disabilities and for researchers and students who have a disability themselves. Our aim is to shine a spotlight on the many barriers in academia and to offer resources for removing them.

News and Events

News and Events

Research and Consulting

Research and Consulting

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Participation in the University:Future Festival 2023:

27 April: Talk on AI use in higher education and students with disabilities (in Heilbronn and online)

28 April: Workshop on accessible OERs (online)